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Fans of iBelieve spotted hailing Qwaku Messiah


For some time now, the iBelieve fan base and BMG Fan base haven’t been so cool at each other due to some reasons known to them.

Now back to the issue on the ground. There has been a short video circulating on Facebook and WhatsApp in which the star bouncer for believe, who is popularly known as Don Slygon was spotted with B12 Ehiz hailing the Balakina hitmaker Qwaku Messiah during his radio tour at Look FM.
In this video, fans of ibelieve were chanting “BMG till casket, anyone way go wish we bad no go succeed” and some others. According to QM, “I was at Look FM when they all came to give me full support I never dreamt of”.

Speaking with the young entrepreneur Mr. Emmanuel Amoako who is known as Shy Hendrix, the Manager of iBelieve. He stated that “Our camp hasn’t issued any statement to the public about losing anyone”.

Our news team is currently making investigation on some technical statements from these parties, we will update active readers as soon as we get the feed.

Check the video below :


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