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I Didn’t Expect This From President Nana Akufo Addo -Kennedy Agyapong Boldly Declares and Causes Massive Stir


It appeared the lawmaker has registered his displeasure at the ways things are going in the country, which is in the hands of his President. Kennedy Agyapong supports Nana Addo and he is one of the few NPP officials who have been seen to have genuine support for the president.There are many who hide behind the fact that they are NPP members and do a whole lot of things to tarnish the image of Nana Addo but this is also something that the Assin central member of parliament has vowed never to do.Nana Addo after being voted into power for the second term has done more and more than what Kennedy thinks any president would have done in the past few months.

I have watched many presidents enter their second term and mostly misbehave or do the work anyhow and I didn’t expect this from Nana Addo.

A president in his last term as president doing these amazing things for his country makes me believe in true leadership. Nana Addo has done extremely well and I didn’t expect this from him- Kennedy Agyapong eulogized him.

Kennedy Agyapong said any president will relax because it’s his last term in office but Nana Addo is not about how many years are left as president, but rather how many years he has to transform the country and the lives of the individual Ghanaian citizens.

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