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Man books all rooms in a hotel inside Jasikan and made away with the Tv’s in the rooms

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News reaching this noble blog indicates that Samreg Hotel which is situated in Jasikan has been robbed of the Television sets and other valuables.

According to reports, this incident occurred on Monday the 21st of June 2021, during day time.

Words whispered into our ears from reliable sources says that, the Man, yet to be identified, paid for all the rooms available at the hotel unknowingly to the receptionist what his true intentions were.

The incident only leaves more questions than answers as one can’t fathom how this was carried out without no one noticing.

The don’t  have the full story as at how it happened. We promise to update cherished readers as soon we get in touch with the management of the hotel.

Suspect photo caught on the hotel’s CCTV  

Source: Ghanarocks.com

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