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Reference is made to the article published in your newspaper (Ghanaian Times) dated Thursday June 3, 2021 on the above subject matter to respond by educating the anonymous writer, the Buem people and the general public at large for the blatant illegitimate behaviour of these malcontent who are dragging the customs and traditions of Buem into disrepute for the following reasons:

In the first place, we the kingmakers of Bodada wish to refer all discerning people of Buem and beyond to the Buem Customary Law (BUEM TRADITIONAL COUNCIL INSTRUMENT, 2010), L.I. 1979 for purposes of installation of the Omanhene of the traditional area. Clause 4 of this Customary Law states that, “The Abusuapanin and Obaapanin of the house which turn it is to provide a candidate for the stool shall make their choice known to the Amankrado”.

The kingmakers are called in Lelemi “Bagbuininti”. The Bagbuininti of Buemhene, all seven in number, reside at Bodada under the leadership of the Senior Amankrado of Buem, Boampong Badu Theodore. This is found in the unwritten laws of the constitution of the Buem people that has stood the test of time. It is the sole prerogative of the kingmakers of Bodada.

When a Buemhene dies, the Senior Amankrado approaches the head of the clan which in the present case is the Opamua clan to nominate three prospective candidates for the Bodada kingmakers to choose the best fit among the three. This is how far the clan head can go and the rest of the work of “catching”, confining and installing rest with the Senior Amankrado and his seven kingmakers at Bodada to complete the process.

After the death and burial of Nana Aburam Akpandja IV, the Senior Amankrado of Buem, Boampong Badu Theodore approached the then Abusuapanin of Opamua clan, Opanin Osahene Theodore, to nominate candidates. Opanin Osahene had the backing of his whole clan and presented five names to the Amankrado on 27/11/2018.The Amankrado, Mr. Theodore Badu Boampong and five out of the seven kingmakers met and requested the Abusuapanin Osahene should conduct a due diligence on the nominees so as to reduce the number to three. Before this could be done, Mr. Benjamin Adjei who is a member of the Opamua clan vehemently opposed the decision taken by them and forcefully usurped the abusuapanin position from Opanin Osahene Theodore who had led them for the past twenty-seven years.

A second list of three prospective candidates was presented to Amankrado on 20/2/2019 by Osahene Gabriel, the stool father. It is important to note that Mr. Eric Ofori, who is the current Buemhene with the stool name Nana Aburam Akpandja V, appeared in both lists.

The Amankrado and five out of the seven kingmakers met seven times and finally completed their background checks and selected Mr. Eric Ofori as the candidate to aspire to the vacant throne. Thisis in line with clause 5 of the Buem Traditional Council Instrument, 2020 L.I. 1979, which states that, “the election or selection of a candidate for the Aburam Akpandja stool of Buem Traditional Area shall:

a. Be done by the Amankrado and his elders mentioned in paragraph11 of this instrument,
b. The Amankrado shall present the candidate to his elders mentioned in paragraph 2 of this instrument, at a meeting to be held at the Amankrado’s house, and the election or selection of a candidate for the Aburam Akpandja stool of Buem Traditional Area shall be by consensus.

These processes were duly followed in a genuine manner. And so Mr. Eric Ofori was finally chosen among the three candidates and installed the Buemhene as Aburam Akpandja V.

In a matter of weeks, Abusuapanin Adjei Benjamin and Osahene Gabriel (stool father) having failed to convince the kingmakers to install his cousin, Nana John, went to court at the Regional House of Chiefs at Ho that the Amankrado erred and sought the court to revoke the installation of Eric Ofori as the Buemhene. After several appearances where Osahene Gabriel and Adjei Benjamin faulted the Court awarded a fine of twenty thousand Ghana cedis to be given to Nana Aburam Akpandja V. At the last court sitting, Osahene Gabriel and Adjei Benjamin pleaded the court that the matter had been resolved and they embraced each other but they were still to pay the fine.

When they returned home from court, these two people have persistently continued their diabolical intentions of removing the Buemhene so that they install their preferred candidate, Nana John who is the biological son of the late Aburam Akpandja III (Kwame Yona). This man was destooled for gross morals. Kwame Yona went after the health Superintendent’s wife (Mr.Gabla of Dzodze).And in the ensuing exchange of words in Mr.Gabla’s house, Mr. Kwame Yona slapped Mr. Gabla who also slapped Kwame Yona in return. This in short, led to Kwame Yona’s destoolment in 1983 for failing to provide the purification animals etc to cleanse him from the calamity that befell him. Judge for yourselves, is it morally right to install his son as the next Buemhene? Nowhere will this be tolerated.

We also wish to state that it is not true that Mr. Samuel Duedu who is the Amankrado of Jasikan and a member of the Bekplukpo family supported the ill-informed cleansing act nor had he asked someone to represent him. He wishes to state in unequivocal terms that there is no iota of truth in the claim that the Amankrados of the Opasua towns (Bodada, Jasikan and Okadjakrom) who have the traditional role to install and revoke the installation of the Buemhene were present in any such traditional activity.
The Amankrados of Bodada, Jasikan and the Abusuapanin of the Bekplukpo clan of Okadjakrom were not present at any customary activity that secretly took place in Jasikan. It must be noted that by custom and tradition, every customary rite that affects the people of Jasikan must be sanctioned by the Amankrado. The so called customary rites that were clandestinely performed by some disgruntled amankrados and elders of some Buem towns in Jasikan must therefore be disregarded and the report considered baseless.  

In view of the fact that the reporter or journalist lacked the knowledge on how the Buem Traditional Area was established and functions, The Amankrado of Jasikan wishes to inform the public that, the Opasua towns mentioned above which are responsible for the installation or removal of the Buemhene is made up of Bodada, Jasikan and Okadjakrom. The installation responsibility rests solely with the Amankrados of Bodada, Jasikan and the Abusuapanin of the Bekplukpo clan of Okadjakrom. Therefore, there cannot be a lawful installation or revocation of the Buemhene without these three traditional authorities.

Furthermore, it is not true that Amankrado Boampong Badu Theodore disrespected the Amankrados of Buem, but in the first invitation, they were asking for the meeting to be held in a hotel at Okadjakrom. They followed with another request to meet at the District Assembly Hall at Jasikan and then another place in Eastern Buem. In the process of locating a place for the meeting the Amankrado, Mr. Theodore Badu Boampong, saw that one Andrews Duedu known as Dada Ba, was distributing letters for the proposed meeting sent out by the Amankrado of Okadjakrom. Upon further investigation Mr. Theodore Badu Boampong found out that one Mr. Seth Boampong Kwadwo and Andrews Duedu who are antagonists of Mr. Theodore Badu Boampong in this matter are both in bed with the Amankrado of Okadjakrom. However, the kingmakers and the Amankrado of Bodada saw these places as insecure since the Traditional Council Conference halls were available for traditional matters and so the Amankrado of Bodada requested for the meeting to be held at the Traditional Council, and he is waiting for their response and a date to be fixed.

Please, allow the Bodada kingmakers to make a brief comment on the profile of some of the people who have joined Adjei Benjamin and Osahene Gabriel (Akiti) to foment trouble and absolute mayhem at Bodada:

1. Ajei Benjamin’s maternal grandfather, Atinka, was captured in war and so he is not a full blooded native of Bodada.
2. Osahene Gabriel’s maternal grandfather was also captured in war and so he is not a full blooded native of Bodada.

Both of them, their paternal grandparents’ origin are hazy and the little said the better it is for them.

3. Mr. Seth Boampong Kwadwo who self-styles himself as “Amankrado”, mother comes from Akposso Gobe in the Wawa District of the Republic of Togo. He is therefore, not a full blooded native of Bodada. Mr. Theodore Badu Boampong is the recognised gazetted Amankrado of Buem. Boampong Kwadwo is an ex-convict.

    Mr. Seth Boampong Kwadwo alleged that his cousin Amankrado Badu Theodore took a bribe before installing Mr. Eric Ofori as the Buemhene and since he Seth has not been given some of the bribe, he would make every effort to get Mr. Eric Ofori down. Seth has not till now substantiated his claim. Mr. Seth Boampong Kwadwo’s unruly behaviour has got to a head and he has been excommunicated from the Bekplukpo clan of Buem.

4. The last, but not the least is Mr. Duedu Andrews (Dada Ba). He does not hail from the royal family of the Buemhene. His mother who died just after giving birth to him, came from Dzodze in the Ketu North District of the Volta Region. He is therefore not a full blooded native of Bodada.. He could not complete his pastoral course to be ordained as a Catholic priest. He displayed an attitude and a character that was unhealthy of a priest who should lead a church. He must shut up and see to his house affairs.

Finally, we strongly advise all well meaning, especially the youth and the elders of Bodada to rise up to the occasion and bring the Opamua clan to order so that Bodada can breathe peace, so that developmental agenda can take place in a congenial atmosphere.

Thank you all for your attention.

Senior Amankrado, Theodore Badu Boampong and his kingmakers of Bodada.

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