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Bodada Creation FC to quit Buem football competition as a result of confusion displayed by Elite FC and football officials


The BODADA CREATION FC sincerely appreciate the efforts & good works of leaders to enable the youth and young football talents to show case their potentials. God bless richly bless the Organizers, Match Commissioners, Officials, Coaches & Teams, without them, there will be no competition.

Yesterday’s match fixture, that is BODADA CREATION FC vs JASIKAN ELITE FC posed lots of confusion, uncertainty, disagreements, anger, indecisiveness, conflicts e.t.c
These on the part of the both teams, match commissioners, match officials, supporters & passerby.
It may interest observers and readers to know that the game ended in a 2-2 draw which lead to the game going into a penalty shoot out .

However, the penalty shoot out could not produced a Winner I know you wondering what happened right ,The following made the game unsuccessful …
1. Favoritism ( Home advantage)
2. Match officials unable to meet up to expections ( unfair/ weak decisions)
3. Verbal / physical assaults on match officials ( both supporters & players of Jasikan Elite FC attacked the center referee)
4. Removal of net from goal poles  by members of Jasikan Elite FC
5. Threats from supporters of Jasikan Elite FC ( use of juju to attempt murder)
5. Unavailability of Security persons
Too many to mention …

Football/soccer is NOT a thing of WAR
Football is love, unity, togetherness, peace e.t.c
Unfortunately, these qualities of football was never exhibited during the said match.

As a result of these unfair treatments from the Elite Team, their supporters & match officials, BODADA CREATION FC wishes to inform everyone that we have declined from the competition.
We are deeply sorry for any inconveniences it may cause the competition.
Although we were not defeated but we just could not allow ourselves to be CHEATED by some match officials/ commissioners dishing out decisions to favour the Jasikan team (home advantage ) with the idea that the competition is for scouting of players .
It is really sad that this decision taken will hamper the identifications of talents / potentials our team (CREATION FC) posses.
Again, it’s good and better that all our team members / supporters are safe even though we sustained injuries from the game.
At this point, we will like to wish the other teams who won visibly and decisively a peaceful competition.

The Buemkasa news team is currently taking updates from Elite FC to know how true the above mentions are.

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