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Man who books all rooms in a hotel inside Jasikan and made away with the Tv’s in rooms arrested


The wanted criminal who is noted for booking rooms in well-furnished hotels and making away with properties such as Tv’s and pillows have been arrested.

He was at Jasikan on 3rd June 2021 to make away with nine LCD TVs which are Asano, Samsung, and LG, but God been so good his pictures and videos of movement were recorded by the CCTV cameras fixed by the hotel management for security and monitoring purposes. His pictures went viral on social media after the incident.

Just this weekend he was at a hotel in Hohoe with his usual way of stealing TVs from the rooms but he couldn’t succeed. The manager of the hotel who happens to know the tricks of this young man quickly reported to the Jasikan Police to prompt them about this gentleman who’s wanted by SamReg Hotel. The police were alert and rushed to the scene at the usual time the criminal does his operations and he was busted.

Check the video of the arrest here


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