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Beef Alert: Megaboy Flinky calls Lecture Plasma “Concert Artist”


Megaboy Flinky a Kadjebi based artist threw a jab to the Babe hitmaker, Lecture Plasma on a recent post made by Buemkasagh concerning a comment Lecture Plasma made about Oti Regional artists and how competitive things should have been in the musical journey here.

After some hours of publication with the headline “I’ve been quiet because, I can’t see any serious competition among musicians in the Oti region” the Kadjebi based icon Megaboy Flinky commented that this dancehall artist is a concert artist and with that, he doesn’t need to see any competition before he starts working.

Few hours after this bombshell, Lecture Plasma came online to throw a reply to Megaboy Flinky.

Buemkasagh is still observing the weight of this story, other information will be added soon.

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