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As part of our Pathways to Sustainable Employment, Foundation Developers Academy in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab and other community hubs across the country, will be organising its second regional stakeholder consultative gathering to collate consensus on the Potential and the role of Mobile App Development technology in the local digital economy and how this propels youth employment in our community.

This meeting seeks to bring key stakeholders together to outline the skills gap, challenges, opportunities, strategies, and collective policies for transforming the local economy to achieve sustainable development through digital skills and entrepreneurship.

The meeting among other outcomes is focused on driving conversations at the local level, ideating key solutions and bridging the skill gap.

This engagement is pivotal to The role of Mobile Application in Transforming the Local economy for Job Creation and Economic Development”.

This meeting is belief to deliver a policy document that would feed into the development of a well-structured and informed curriculum and ultimately, a roadmap for achieving a sustainable local digital economy through mobile application transformation in Ghana. The Objectives of this meeting seeks to achieve the following:

1. To create a collaborative and consultative platform for stakeholders to drive the digital transformation of the local economy to achieve sustainable development through digital skills and entrepreneurship.

2. To inform and identify current market needs of industries/companies/job market and skills gaps. This will help single out the needed intervention to help bridge/eliminate the gap.

3. To facilitate and deepen relationships and collaboration among local players, to forge a focused agenda in the area of job creation for the youth, and foster ecosystem synergy.

4. To formulate local actionable relevant policies and strategies to further policy advocacy and strategic engagement with regional policymakers.

Attendees will be grouped into six (6) groups representing ecosystem pillars for deliberations on the aforementioned theme. These groups are:

A .Human Capital

b. Support Infrastructure and Hubs (Entrepreneurial Support Organization)

c. Accessible Market​

d. Media and Culture​

e. Accessible Finance

f. Policy, Government and Regulatory bodies

Policy Impact Commitment

During this meeting all the challenges raised by the stakeholders and the corresponding Policy solutions would be enumerated and stakeholders would be encouraged to make a commitment to partner with the community hub to make an impact.

As part of preparations towards the meeting, Developers Academy with some highly active products from the GTL base program visited Kano FM to speak to the program and some success stories shared by trainees.

This program is proudly sponsored by MasterCard Foundation, World Bank under the Young Africa Works initiative and the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation Ghana.

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